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Thousands, yes, hundreds of thousands, will be released from a worse than Egyptian bondage, and brought into a civilized condition as fast as circumstances will allow, which will, at the farthest, be in the next generation. Will not such facts as these give Christians and patriots cause for rejoicing? Americans will then be better respected abroad ; whereas now their ships are a disgrace to the country they hail from, at least in many instances. All, or nearly all, the troubles on board of vess...els on account of having bad crews and offi- cers will quickly regulate themselves, which will be another great blessing. It will also operate to strengthen the hands of all good men in their benevolent enterprises, and assist powerfully in upholding every good cause.
143. Oh that society could feel its responsibility in this matter, and move in it without delay ! Thousands are suf- fering and perishing even while these lines are being penned; and the evil work is still going on. Oh that vir- tuous Christian families could realize that the tokens of their fearful responsibility are ever before their eyes !

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