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If God be surely on your side, Leave me, at least, the Deuce, my friend !
MAID'S ERROR FOR shame, for shame To put your faith In lips and eyes And trumperies For shame for that ! To him small blame If now he turn And criticise, From heels to hat, Your faith, you fool. Your dainty soul (The only thing !) Your soul misgave : And so you flirt And take your fling, Because you thought That men were bought With dirt. Ah, dainty fool, You only make Yourself a tool For any knave.
... put off your rich attire Here by the poor, black grate ? Can you kneel down in lowly state Can you make the fire ?
For, one day, a man will call, Here in the cold, dark town Call for you to burn down His sin-smitten citadel.
HAIR-O'-GOLD HAIR-O'-GOLD, hair-o'-gold, There, in the sun-light : Flee, flee, and shun light !
Hair, the despair o' gold.
Or, by that omen, Hair-o'-gold, hair-o'-gold, How they have care o* gold, Soon shall you know men !
Hair-o'-gold, hair-o'-gold : Sell then the whole of you, Body and soul of you A mere affair o' gold.

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