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" queried mine 106 THE ROYAL GORGE OF ARKANSAS 107 hostess after half an hour, the first words I had heard her speak.
44 Oh, sure, I'm from the East, the far East in fact, the VERY Far East ! " I replied.
" Boston ? " " You've said it, " was my rejoinder. " Ever been to Boston ? " I added.
" Yep, I was there I reckon fifteen fall. All I remember now was the railway depot. What do they call it, the South Union ? " " Sure, it's the South Union all right. Why, I was born only a couple of blocks fr the South Union depot. " Miserable liar that I am, I have never been in Boston in my life.
" Fine city, Boston, " interjected the male voice from below.
44 The finest in the world, sir, " I effused.
Meanwhile the rain continued, with not the slightest sign of abating.
44 You best bring your motor-sickle under shelter and stay the night right here, " suggested the man of the house when the shadows deepened and still the rain went on.
44 I'm sure that's very good of you, sir, but I'm afraid I'd better not trouble you any more.

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Across America By Motor Cycle
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