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Administration Military Law
William Henry Waldron
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A. 1. Former punishment; that is, the ac- cused has already been adequately pun- ished by his commanding officer for the offense.
2. Illegal enlistment ; that is, that the ac- cused claims to have enlisted under age, without the necessary consent of his parents or guardian.
3. Release from arrest.
4. Undergoing sentence of a court- martial.
5. Long delay in bringing to trial, but within the period of the statutes of limitation.
6. Malice of the accuser.
7. Bad character of the accuser.
8. Intox
9. Insanity.
10. Obedience to military order.
11. Mistake of fact or law.
Q. What are the pleas to the general issue?
A. Usually the plea of the accused is "guilty" or "not guilty" to each charge and specification ; or, guilty to a specification, excepting certain words, and to the excepted words not guilty; or, as when charged with an offense which includes a lesser one of a kin- dred nature, guilty to the specification excepting certain words and substitut ing therefor certain others, to the ex- cepted words, not guilty; to the sub- stituted words, "guilty, " and to the charge not guilty, but guilty of the included lesser offense, Q.

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Administration Military Law
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