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After Dark
Collins Wilkie
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It isimpossible, at the time of the discovery, to enter this room, or tosee the citizen and citoyenne Dubois, without producing an undesirabledisturbance in the house and neighborhood. A police agent is left towatch the place, while search and arrest orders are applied for. Thegranting of these is accidentally delayed. When they are ultimatelyobtained, it is discovered that the man and the woman are both missing. They have not hitherto been traced. (4. ) The landlord of the house isimmediately ...arrested, as well as the police agent appointed to watch thepremises. The landlord protests that he knows nothing of his tenants. It is suspected, however, that he has been tampered with, as also thatTrudaine's papers, delivered to the citizen and citoyenne Dubois, areforged passports. With these and with money, it may not be impossiblethat they have already succeeded in escaping from France. The propermeasures have been taken for stopping them, if they have not yet passedthe frontiers. No further report in relation to them has yet beenreceived (5.

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After Dark
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