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Good-by. Thank you for a pleasantstroll. I will see you again. " She passed swiftly ahead, to join Mrs. Poinsett, and Faith turned asideto her own party, but when they joked her on making a conquest of thetitled lady she only smiled dreamily, and saw an eager face, filledwith almost girlish life, begging for childish particulars about amodest place in far-away New England.
It was after sunset when, their excellent dinner over, they returned onboard the dear old steamer, which seemed really like
... home as Joeysmiled a welcome, Mr. Malcolm called a greeting down from the guards, and two or three of the babies ran from their ayahs' sides, along thedeck, to meet them. Even the Bengali boy grinned, as he cleared awaysome paper bags and fruit skins, and a little Mohammedan, who had beenmaking a perch to which Texas could be chained when on deck, came withdeep salaams to beg that they would step and see if it weresatisfactory. They expressed themselves much pleased, but Faithpointed to the long chain attached, and said.

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