All the Way Round

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All the Way Round
Edith Ogden Harrison
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Of all cus- toms this is certainly the silliest. It is said to have origi- nated from the fact that one of the emperor's favorite concubines was club-footed, and to honor her the other women of the court had their feet crippled.
Where Man Is Lord Supreme Although there is no caste in China the lot of the Chinese woman is scarcely less enviable than that of the Indian woman. The small-footed real wife is often neg- in -T- Drum Temple, Peking Grounds of the Summer Palace, Peking The Quadruple-Wal
...led City of Peking 201 lected for the large-footed concubine whom her husband chooses. Though he cannot put away his legal wife, as can the Indian man, usually he neglects her, traveling about openly with the one he prefers. The wife has no redress whatever. Public opinion permits the Chinese man to conduct himself as he chooses. He is monarch of all he surveys. In these days of enlightenment it seems a sad thing that the lot of the Chinese woman does not improve. Often she is beautiful, educated, and refined.

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All the Way Round
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