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"So is the news. " What I didn't tell Damon was that I was unbelievably tense about testifying in court on Monday, testifyingfor the defense.
On television that night, I had seen a news piece reporting that Thomas Dunne was expected to run forthe Senate in California. Was Thomas Dunne trying to piece together his life again? Or could ThomasDunne somehow be involved in the kidnapping himself? By now I was ruling nothing out. I'd becomeparanoid about too many things related to the kidnapping case
.... Was there more to the report fromCalifornia than what 321 seemed? Twice, I had requested permission to go to alifomia to investigate. Both times the requestwas denied. Jezzie was helping me out. She had a contact in California, but so far nothing had come of it.
We watched the news from the living-room floor. Janelle and Damon were snuggled up beside me. Before the news, we had reviewed our tape of Kindergarten Cop for the tenth, or twelfth, or maybe itwas the twenti- eth time.
The kids thought I should be in the movie instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Along Came a Spider
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User Reviews:

Guest 3 years ago

the book was good, a bit drawn out, but good. the end was ruined by the transcription, but all these books seem to be transcribed from handwritten notes by a machine with no sense of direction...

Guest 3 years ago

The last part was completely garbled. Typos, missing words, whole lines transposed to other s even whole pages repeated. But one gets used to this. . Cheaply done. This actually has been a feature of all the later Patterson books, otherwise interesting to read.

Guest 3 years ago

It's hard to believe that this prolific author doesn't know the meaning of "a busman's holiday"... It's the very opposite of what he thinks t is. It means that someone who has free time off finds himself doing what he usually does at work. Like a busman on holiday going to a long bus tour.....

Oy Veh....and do his characters always have to stat having sex with one another........ it get's very tiresme to read. I can skip whole pages of his unnecessary script, no only the "sexual" parts but , the "visits by people which have absolutely no purpose. Hardened police-folk don't need reassuring by squeezes of the arms, or hugs and tears, not normally....except in James Patterson's unreal novels.. And extremely foul language seems to be the normal talk of "normal" characters, .... And the amount of filet mignon lobsters, Saville Row clothing and etc..not to mention the always "fine wines" that are consumed by very ordinary poorly paid folks, ....always-never anything cheap, would float a battleship.....tiresome.

I believe that he really doesn't know how gentlemen and ladies, the born-to-it kind, live, eat or drink. I do, which is why I'm critical of phony haut ton..

brooksy12 7 years ago

it won't load the book.

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