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An Architect's Sketch book

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But besides those architects who seek originality there are others who are akin to those landscape painters who can draw landscapes without much knowledge of the figure. As some painters feel that painstak- The Five Orders of Architecture 67 ing academic drawing of the figure crushes out life and interest and that academy drawings become mechanical and pedantic, so this class of architects set most store by honesty and naivete and quaintness, and count sentiment and poetry higher than skill and... knowledge and technique. They urge that these, the more roman- tic qualities, give the same pleasant results in architecture which in painting are derived from the color and joy of the fields and forest and the sea rather than from the study of a model. In short, almost the same objections are made to an extended study of the orders that are often urged against elaborate academic study of the nude.
Men of this way of thinking, whether painters or architects, may produce delightful work. Not unnaturally their kinship is with mediaeval artists, for it is true that there was during the Middle Ages little recognition of the classic orders, however much the eternal principles that underlie them influenced monk and artisan.

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An Architect's Sketch book
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