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Frank Ried Diffenderffer
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Ratchell, writing master and accountant, who informs the public of his eminent abilities as a teacher. He says that to give still greater weight to his credit as a private tutor, he cannot avoid mentioning, with very great respect, that at Lancaster he has been favored with an attendance of several ladies eminent for literary accomplishments. In appealing to those great and amiable authorities, he considers himself peculiarly honored, their proficiency, though entirely the result of their own h...appy genius, be ( 187 ) ing such as would give consequence to, and establish the reputation of, the most capital teacher at the first court of Europe. After all this one can't help but wondering who were the "several Ladies eminent for literary- accomplishments" in Lancaster in 1773.
As a matter of interest I give the Philadelphia prices for some of the more important articles of grain, etc. : Flour $5. 92 Wheat 1. 13 Corn "153 Oats 25 Coffee 24 Cotton 33 Tea 27 West Indian Rum 54 Remedies for the Ills of Life.

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An Early Newspaper
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