An Epigrammatic Voyage

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An Epigrammatic Voyage
Snider Denton Jaques
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12 Look over Attica! deserts of rock are her fields and her [highlands; Orphaned of warblers she seems, orphaned of trees for their [seats; But a sharp search will discover still many a little, low bramble, Wherein birdlings sit piping a wee tender note.
When to-day I had found a green bush, it was full of young [singers Warbling some old Attic chimes tuned to ancestral high strains.
-76 '3 Through Attic meadows I stroll; I come to a grove of broad [poplars Where the shepherd breeze plays a low
... note on his pipe; Round the roots of the trees is running on pebbles the brooklet, Murmuring strains to the brink, fresh from the home of the ["Nymphs.
But the tree-tops have given a refuge to sweet Attic singers That from their leafy abode throw out a fountain of song; List to the wealth that they fling' on the air in melodious revel, Hundred-throated with joy in the debauch of their strains.
On this classical soil one cannot help being an augur Watches the feathery flight, lists to the humming of wings, That he may find out the will of the Gods and set it to music: Nature is deity's hymn, folding the earth in a song.

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An Epigrammatic Voyage
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