Animals of No Importance

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Animals of No Importance
Dewar Douglas
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As might be expected, the Abbe devotes much space to the elephant, and the tall stories which he relates regarding that sagacious quadruped are worthy of any Yankee. One of the best, which even the Abbe finds it difficult to believe, describes how an elephant perceiving his master was cov- ered with wounds, lowered himself in the battlefield in order to let his master down without hurting him, and then proceeded to pull out with his trunk the arrows " with which he was all stuck over ; " but, s...eeing that his master was losing all his blood, the elephant carried him back to the camp. The only parallel to the next story is that of the horse advertised for sale, and which, among other accom- plishments, was able to play the piano ; but this horse was a fool to the elephant which Mutianus, " thrice Consul of Rome, " saw. This animal knew the Greek characters, and wrote down the words spoken to him by picking out and arranging the letters. This elephant was by no means an exceptional one, for the Roman Consul tells of another who, having been severely punished by his master because he could not retain his lessons, passed the whole night in a 7' 5 o ANIMALS OF NO IMPORTANCE.

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Animals of No Importance
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