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Annual Report volume C4

Cover Annual Report volume C4
Annual Report volume C4
American Anti-Slavery Society
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They are the sentiments of the abolitionists and the sentiments sustaining the Colonization Society. By the Colonization Society I mean those who cherish expatriating sentiments in respect to the colored people.
In order to know, then, who compose the public sentiment of the country, we have only to compare the relative strength of the Colonization and Anti-Slavery Societies; and this is no difficult task. The Colonization Society looks down upon the Anti-Slavery Society as upon a feeble band o
...f visionary fanatics, while it claims for itself all the efficient and predominating influences of the country : The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, the General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, almost all other ecclesiastical bodies, together with the prominent statesmen of all political parties, and the legislatures of eighteen different States, not to mention the almost unanimous voice of the public presses of the country ; these, we know, are daily claimed with exultation by the Colonization Society, as proof of their overwhelming control over public senti- ment, and of the folly and madness of abolitionists in attempting to oppose them.

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Annual Report volume C4
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