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Annual Report volume No22n

Cover Annual Report volume No22n
Annual Report volume No22n
American Anti-Slavery Society
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Nothing can be more natural than this wish of the Board to get the countenance of English Christians of distinction. Nothinsi; can be more consistent with their own whole career of life and conversation. But, we appre- hend, nothing could well be more inconsistent than for those to whom this compliment is offered to accept it, in the shape in v/hich it offers itself to them.
If we do not much misremeraber the language held by the Earl of Shaftesbury, at the Meeting of the British and Foreign An
...ti- Slavery Society, at which he presided, in 1853, he alluded to the support which Slavery received from the public sentiment of the Religious Public of America. We are confident, from our recol- lections of his Speech, that he was deeply impressed with the guilt of the professing Christians of America in this behalf. Now, we feel assured that Lord Shaftesbury and Sir Edward JJdxton did not know, when they said the things touching American Missions, which incurred the approbation and gratitude of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, that this body was verily the very embodiment of the Pro-Slavery Ptcligious Public Opinion of America — Pro-Slavery Religion incarnated and standing up between the natural sympathies of simple Christians and their brethren in bonds.

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Annual Report volume No22n
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