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Annual Report volume No3

Cover Annual Report volume No3
Annual Report volume No3
American Anti-Slavery Society
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J. Armstrong, late of Rich- mond, but now one of the Secretaries of the A. B„ C. F. M. In utterly disclaiming abolitionism, and pronouncing the charge " false and calumnious 1 '' he says : — "On the contrary, I have always regarded their measures as rash, unwarrant- able, and mischievous; and the spirit in which they have prosecuted them, as violent, reckless and wicked. These sentiments I have freely expressed, both at the North and the South. When last in New York, more than two years ago r I... attenJed a public meeting, as an opponent of abolitionism — and at the close of the meeting, expressed ihese as my fixed opinions to leading abolitionists who were present, and warned them of the very consequences which are now result- ing from their infatuated proceedings.
WM. J. ARMSTRONG, Sec'y C. B. For. Missions. " These extracts might be indefinitely multiplied, but we have already given enough to show, that the southern ministry are deeply enlisted for the support of slavery, and that we were grossly de- ceived, when we supposed that the southern church was exerting any influence whatever for the removal of the abomination.

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Annual Report volume No3
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