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Annual Report volume No5

Cover Annual Report volume No5
Annual Report volume No5
American Anti-Slavery Society
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Bishops, ! Minis- ters, Elders, Deacons, and private professors, of the Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, and Episcopalian denominations, may be found buying and selling their fellow men as property, and ex- torting unrequited labor by the whip. In none of these denomi- * See the Wesleyan Anti-Slavery Review, by Rev. O Scott, page 135. T We are happy to be credibly informed that this is not the case with the Bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
53 nations, as a general fact, can a member
...be subjected to Ecclesi- astical discipline for any of the inhumanities allowed by law and custom to be perpetrated upon the slave. * As illustrative of this point, we quote from the published testimony of Rev. Samuel Heuston, of Utica, N. Y. , given in answer to questions by Rev. George Storrs. Mr. Heuston is a minister of the Methodist Epis- copal Church, who has resided at the South, and did not at the time profess to be an abolitionist : — Question. Do ministers and members of the Methodist Episcopal Church buy and sell slaves fur the sake of gain; or do they ouy only ; and that in cases where it is the evident design to better the condition of the slaves'?

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Annual Report volume No5
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