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For the present we will leave brain architecture at this point where neopallial representation is comprised, in our limited survey, to taste and tongue niovenient areas; snout tactile and snout movement areas; hand tactile and hand movement areas, as local i'/ed portions of cortex spreading from the old archepallial olfactory area over the unfolding neopallium. IMeanwhile A\e will 1()() ARBOREAL MAN return to our arboreal animal to study the ever-increasing possibilities of its education.
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...reatest difference between the process of gathering tactile impressions by the snout region, and receiving them by the hand, is that in the latter case the examina- tion of a novel object is carried out to a far greater extent under the observation of the eyes. It is true that when Fig. 66. — Cerebral Hemisphere of Tarsius spectrum, to show THE Cortical Areas as determined by Professor Elliot Smith. (From Duckworth. ) Note the development of intervening " association " areas be- tween the visual (V), sensory (S), and auditory (A) fields, as well as the enlargement of the prefrontal area.

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