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Aslauga's Knight
La Motte-Fouqué, Friedrich Heinrich Karl, Freiherr De, 1777-1843
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Two of them, well known to us, remained inseparably together, but theyknew as little as the others whether they had taken the right direction, for how and when the adored lady could have disappeared from herapartments was still to the whole castle a fearful and mysterioussecret.
Edwald and Froda rode as long as the sun moved over their heads, unwearied as he; and now, when he sank in the waves of the river, theythought to win the race from him, and still spurred on their jadedsteeds. But the no
...ble animals staggered and panted, and the knights wereconstrained to grant them some little refreshment in a grassy meadow. Secure of bringing them back at their first call, their masters removedboth bit and curb, that they might be refreshed with the green pasture, and with the deep blue waters of the Maine, while they themselvesreposed under the shade of a neighbouring thicket of alders. And deepin the cool, dark shade, there shone, as it were, a mild but clearsparkling light, and checked the speech of Froda, who at that momentwas beginning to tell his friend the tale of his knightly service tohis sovereign lady, which had been delayed hitherto, first by Edwald'ssadness, and then by the haste of their journey.

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Aslauga's Knight
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