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" Well, I'm going to make tea for you first. " He produced a brown china tea-pot and they looked together for the tea. The kettle was boiling (Bessie had put it on for herself), and very soon they had every- thing prepared. The making of tea seemed a beautiful and intimate task.
They sat down before the fire and began to talk. What was said did not very much matter : it bore no closer resemblance to the inmost emotion than a star- map does to the glittering midnight sky. What mattered was the f
...irelight and the gathering dusk and the joy of being alone there together. Once, as she gave him back her empty cup, her hand touched his, and a thrill of a strange unknown pleasure sent all the blood tingling through his veins.
It grew darker, and still they sat on talking, telling ROSE 171 those wordless, loving secrets that birds whisper in the green spring woods. Suddenly she said to him, " Get me the letter now : if you don't give it to me now I know you never will. " He ran upstairs for it.

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At the Door of the Gate
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