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Back to Methuselah
Shaw Bernard
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Who said he was dead?
BURGE-LUBIN. You did. Drowned.
BARNABAS [_exasperated_] Will you listen to me? Was old ArchbishopHaslam, the present man's last predecessor but four, drowned or not?
BURGE-LUBIN. I don't know. Look him up in the Encyclopedia Britannica.
BARNABAS. Yah! Was Archbishop Stickit, who wrote Stickit on the Psalms, drowned or not?
BURGE-LUBIN. Yes, mercifully. He deserved it.
BARNABAS. Was President Dickenson drowned? Was General Bullyboy drowned?
BURGE-LUBIN. Who is denying it?
...ARNABAS. Well, wave had moving pictures of all four put on the screentoday for this American; and they and the Archbishop are the same man. Now tell me I am mad.
BURGE-LUBIN. I do tell you you are mad. Stark raving mad.
BARNABAS. Am I to believe my own eyes or am I not?
BURGE-LUBIN. You can do as you please. All I can tell you is that _I_don't believe your eyes if they cant see any difference between a livearchbishop and two dead ones. [_The apparatus rings, he holds the buttondown_]. Yes?

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Back to Methuselah
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