Ball Family of New England

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Ball Family of New England
Frederick G Ball
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Ketika has been selected because of its nearness to Buffalo, and the Pan-Amer- ican Exposition (to which place excur- sion rates can be had at any time during the Exposition), and because of its un- usual adaptability for the accommodation of gatherings of this nature.
All descendants of the Balls are in- vited to participate, and bring or send, as full and complete history and record of themselves and their ancestors as possi- ble. Much information in the way of history, data, tradition, etc.
..., has already been collected, and much is in the hands of individuals who for personal gratifi- cation have traced their ancestors back to the early settlers. The tribe is nu- merous and widely distributed in Ameri- ca, and its history deserves to be collected and preserved, and it is hoped this As- sembly will result in large additions to the stock in hand, and lead to a publica- tion of special interest to the tribe, and of value to general history.
Those who expect to_attend are re- quested to advise President G.

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Ball Family of New England
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