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Ballads Carols
R L Richard Lawson Gales
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" " Fair sir, in thy company. " (They ride off together. ) 22 THE DEATH OF KING RICHARD THE SECOND THE vane upon the turret 'when King Richard woke Glittered in the morning ' as his dooms- day broke ; Of fights and feasts and kisses, ' field and hall and bower, The lark sang to King Richard ' in his prison tower.
In the March weather ' the world was growing green, Between the flying snow-showers ' glints of blue were seen, King and queen and valet ' all the dreary day, One above them all ' King
... Richard did play.
He knew the change of fortune, ' he did not rail on Fate, He did not weep or wail ' a child disconsolate, But meek as a wax image/ cap and shoes and ring, Beard and curls and cope, 'he stood a malkin king.
23 Death of King Richard the Second Into the arrased chamber ' came the murderers at midnight, They did their fell business ' by the candle-light, In the free fields of Heaven ' all in white flower, King Richard, smiling, saw 'far off his prison tower.
A BALLAD OF DICK WHITTINGTON DICK WHITTINGTON, the scullion lad He ached in all his bones, For the willow-dish he broke at Sext They had beaten him at Nones, He lay full-length upon the grass And filled the air with moans.

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Ballads Carols
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