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The rich take from the poor. They pay only a penny and sell for a dollar, but the poor are always grateful for the pennies.
He threw out a counteroffer. Why not let my people finish the recovery? Whatever we bring out, Ill give you the first bid.
Why? Kaufman said. So you can charge me more?
Gibbs had expected that. He ground his teeth anyway. And what about my people?
Kaufman pursed his lips. They wont be coming home again, if thats what you mean.
Gibbs was silent.
Ive seen your roster, Kaufma
...n added. At first I couldnt understand why you chose this particular mix of individuals. But then it hit me; for the most part, they wont be missed.
As Gibbs listened to the last point, his face grew stern, almost angry, but not out of sadness. In fact, he had never planned to bring the team home in the first place, not without an accident somewhere along the waya plane crash or an explosion. But now, and because of Kaufman, no less, one of them was already here: Arnold Moore.
More deaths, he noted.

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Black Rain
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Guest 7 years ago

I couldnt take my eyes off the book, kept going back to reading it even though I had other chores to attend to. I loved this book and would recommend to anyone who love thrilling adventures and actions.

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