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Lissa was thinking about that as she sat in her first-period English class the next morning. They’d stayed up late last night, sneaking out past curfew. The memory brought a smile to Lissa’s face, even as she stifled a yawn. I couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit of jealousy. I knew Avery was responsible for Lissa’s happiness, and that bothered me on a petty level. Yet . . . Avery’s new friendship was also making me feel less guilty about leaving Lissa.
Lissa yawned again. It was hard to concentrat
...e on The Scarlet Letter while fighting a slight hangover. Avery seemed to have a never-ending supply of liquor. Adrian had taken to this right away, but Lissa had been a little more hesitant. She’d abandoned her partying days a long time ago, but she’d finally succumbed last night and drunk more glasses of wine than she really should have. It wasn’t unlike my situation with the vodka, ironically enough. Both of us overindulging, despite being miles and miles apart.
Suddenly, a high-pitched wail pierced the air.

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Blood Promise
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Guest 4 years ago

Jill Mastrano's element is air in Shadow Kiss and in this book it is water. Make your mind up people and stick with it since it confuses me.

Guest 5 years ago

Yes I like this book,I can recacamend vampire diaries.

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