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Boise Idaho

Cover Boise Idaho
Boise Idaho
Idaho Boise Commercial Club Boise
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Under the section on the City of Boise is found a statement of the mills operating near the city.
Machinery leaving Boise for the Mines.
Page 42 BOISE, IDAHO Water Power statement of the potential resources of the state would be complete without some reference to the magnificent water power afforded by her many streams. The Snake, Boise, Payette, Weiser and a score of other rivers possess the vol- ume and the fall necessary to develop power sufficient to turn the wheels of Lumber Mill, Boise th
...e world's commerce. Here, too, are favorable sites for building dams. In fact, the utilization of this incalculable power is entirely feasible, needing only the action of cap- ital for its development. Already several plants draw their power from the harnessed torrents of the river. At Swan Falls, on the Snake River, 25 miles south of the city, 10, 000 horse power is developed, applied to the operation of the Interurban Railroad and to furnishing light for Nampa and Caldwell. On the Payette River, 21 miles from Boise, the Horse Shoe Bend Power Plant developes 2, 000 h.

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