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Barbara Johnson writes in her book Where Does a Mother Go to Resign? “But, when someone dies, you can bury that person and move on with your life. With homosexuality, the pain seems never-ending.”
    My mother and I had both started reading Johnson’s book just after Thanksgiving break, around the time when we’d also started reading The Picture of Dorian Gray together, and we hadn’t finished either book. It was March now, only two months before I would attend LIA, and it seemed as though nothing
... in our lives would ever be complete again until we knew for sure if ex-gay therapy would truly change me. We were putting the world on hold, leaving things half-finished, until the summer.
    Johnson’s book was being passed around ex-gay circles, mainly to fundamentalist Christian families who had just discovered that they had a gay child, and it was touted as a healing story. Johnson had heroically met her son’s affliction head-on, refused to back down until he admitted it was a sin.

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Boy Erased: a Memoir
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User Reviews:

Guest 4 years ago

Boy erased. This dude got lost in the thanos snap. This is so sad aswell. Overall a good book. Especially with all the GAY in it

lilpeep_xxx_fangirl21 4 years ago

i love this book i am apart of the lgbt+ and i hits me hard and my parents are religious. i can also relate to the struggles of the main character . over all this book is really good

idonutcare5678 4 years ago

I love this book so much even though I'm not of religion or lgbt+. It's a great read for anyone. The concept of the boom is great and it sends a message that is important. I hope you choose to read this book. I give it a 10/10.

Guest 4 years ago

I haven't gotten very far in to this book yet, but it really resonates with me so far. Growing up in a very strict religious family, I can relate to the struggles of the main character, even if I am straight. I think that this is a wonderful read for anyone, regardless of sexuality!

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