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Brazing And Soldering
James F James Francis Hobart
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rubs off like sand and the material thus removed, unites with the resin used in the operation, and helps to brighten the surface of the copper.
The cavity in the top surface of the brick may be made about an eighth of an inch deep, and some resin melted into it. Some pieces of salammoniac, scattered in with the resin, improves the working of the "jig" im- mensely. In fact, that substance is the natural flux for copper, and that metal may be soldered with no other flux except a little of the mur
...iate of ammonia as the chemical in question is technically known. Some solder is melted into the cavity on top of the brick, and there mingles with the other material. The heated copper Soldering.
should be rubbed back and forth on the brick, amid the melted solder and flux. The particles of brick serve to brighten the copper so that the solder readily adheres, covering the entire point of the bit, as far back as it may have been brightened, or rubbed against the surface of the brick.
In using the copper give it a rub or two on the brick just before replacing to heat, and the copper will always keep well tinned.

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Brazing And Soldering
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