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This was a kind of meditation, meditation without even the awareness of meditating, meditationwithout purpose. When he stopped being nothing, he sat at the kitchen table, sipping the mediocre wine. He waited for adevelopment that would break the current impasse between him and his unknown enemy. The moment arrived when he heard footsteps ascending the wooden staircase in the cellar. He got to his feet and picked up the shotgun. He went to the chair-braced door. The footsteps were plodding, as i...f the intruder carried a heavy burden or was weary. Finally he reachedthe top step. Henry waited in silence. So did the man on the cellar stairs. After a while, the doorknob turned back and forth, squeaking against the headrail of the tipped chair. Then it stopped moving.
Twenty-one After dinner, Lamar Woolsey returned to his Las Vegas hotel room and switched on his laptop. He hadsix e-mails. He answered five quickly but took time to consider his response to the sixth, which was from SimonNorthcott.

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Breathless: a Novel
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User Reviews:

Guest 4 months ago

Nice reading this book ....left me breathless.... questions are, what happened to Henry, who was in the attic, What was Tom's mission?....I hope there will be a Breathless II....

Guest 4 years ago

It was a quick read and I liked it. Almost made me think there was hope for mankind. I like anything Koontz writes. : )

Guest 4 years ago

I thought it was a great read but the ending sucks. It ended so quickly with too many unanswered questions.

Guest 4 years ago

I was very interested in reading this, but stopped after a few pages because so many of the words ran together (spaces between words were omitted). It was driving me nuts.

Guest 4 years ago

I had the same issue with the omission of spaces between words.

cmartin1114 5 years ago

What is with all the damn question marks??????????????

John_blake_my_names_jeff 5 years ago

i knever read it yet

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