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Buckskin Pete
A G Alfred Greenwood Hales
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For a moment he stood lance straight in front of the two chiefs, then his head drooped slowly forward until his chin rested on his chest ; his clenched hands fell slackly to his sides. Instantly every eye in camp was fixed upon him, for all, red men and white, knew by his demeanour that he was the bearer of evil tidings.
" Speak. " The order came from Spotted Bull in tones low and harsh.
The red scout just raised his eyes and let his gaze fall upon the face of the Hooded Snake, then he made the
... death sign with his hands, and every man in camp knew without another word that Hooded Snake's young warrior son had gone the long journey. Yet the grim -seamed face of the sire yielded up no sign that he had been wounded to the very heart of him; his voice was stoical in its calm as he asked : " My son, the young brave who went to watch the camp of the Navajos is dead. How did he die?" The red scout did not waste a word in his explana- tion.
"He is dead, your son. " The Hooded Snake simply bowed his plumed head, and made a majestic gesture of sorrow and acceptance of fate.

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Buckskin Pete
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