Bull Moose Trails volume 2

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Bull Moose Trails volume 2
Annie Riley Hale
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All praise to "the senior Senator" from Michi- gan! President Roosevelt might brand him as a "reactionary, " and other Mormon allies go after his political scalp — and get It; yet there remained more of honor on the credit side of his senatorial balance-sheet than could be found on the side of all those who had saved their togas at the sacrifice of their principles.
For, sentiment and religion aside, this great fact stands out from the world's history — that thus far in human development, monog
...amous marriage is the one solid rock on which to build a decent so- ciety — all else Is shifting sand. It Is one — and the chief one — of "those fundamental rules which poor human nature has worked out, with such infinite pains, for its own protection;" it is the only thing which lends dignity and sanctity to the home; and 56 BULL MOOSE TRAILS anything which tends to impair this Institution weakens the whole social fabric.
Mormonism, with its absurd, fanatical doctrine anent "plural and celestial marriage, " aims the deadliest blow at the monogamous idea, of any- thing else — not even excepting lax divorce laws; and It Is Incredible that men holding the monoga- mous relation, and believing It the only moral safeguard for their own wives and daughters, should yet vote to seat In the highest councils of state a representative and anointed emissary of the Mormon system!

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Bull Moose Trails volume 2
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