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Bur Oak Quercus Macrocarpa

Cover Bur Oak Quercus Macrocarpa
Bur Oak Quercus Macrocarpa
W E William Edward Webb
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The bur oak is subject to comparatively few pests or dis- eases.
The bur oak is one of the most valuable hardwood trees in North America. The Avood is heavy, hard, very strong, and durable. In the markets it is not, and need not be, distinguished from white oak, and it is used for the same purposes. The heartwood makes espe- cially good fence posts and railroad ties, but the sapwood does not last long in the ground.
The tree is highly desirable for planting about the home, as wel
...l as for general forest planting where quick growth is not important.
The bur oak reproduces freely both by acorns and by stump sprouts. The acorns, like those of all the white oaks, mature in one season, and germinate soon after falling, unless they are collected and cared for. They should therefore be planted, if possible, in the fall, either in seed beds or in their final place. Mice and squirrels are fond of acorns, and sometimes destroy plantations made in the fall. Where this is to be feared, or where for any other reason it is necessary to hold them over until spring, the acorns may be stored between layers of moist sand.

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Bur Oak Quercus Macrocarpa
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