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Le Fanu Joseph Sheridan
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" We had moved a little back, and had come to another seat.
She sat down. Her face underwent a change that alarmed and eventerrified me for a moment. It darkened, and became horribly livid; herteeth and hands were clenched, and she frowned and compressed her lips, while she stared down upon the ground at her feet, and trembled all overwith a continued shudder as irrepressible as ague. All her energiesseemed strained to suppress a fit, with which she was then breathlesslytugging; and at length a
... low convulsive cry of suffering broke from her, and gradually the hysteria subsided. "There! That comes of stranglingpeople with hymns!" she said at last. "Hold me, hold me still. It ispassing away. " And so gradually it did; and perhaps to dissipate the somber impressionwhich the spectacle had left upon me, she became unusually animated andchatty; and so we got home.
This was the first time I had seen her exhibit any definable symptoms ofthat delicacy of health which her mother had spoken of. It was the firsttime, also, I had seen her exhibit anything like temper.

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