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The license for road shows is fifty dollars, to begin with, andI've been all over and can't find a single place where we could show, evenif we could pay the license. Ain't that the last word in hard luck? Nowwhat to do beats me, Mister. We've just got to have the old car tinkeredup so it'll carry us on to the next place, wherever that is. Jack says hemust have a new tire by some means or other, and he was counting on whatwe'd make here. And up at that other place you've mentioned the mumps have...broke out and they wouldn't let us show for love or money. A man in thedrug store told me, Mister. We certainly are in a hole now, for sure! Ifwe could give a benefit for something or somebody. Those men back theresaid you're so popular in this town, I believe I've got an idea. Mister, couldn't you have bad luck, or be sick or something, so we could give abenefit for you? People certainly would turn out good for a man that'sliked the way they say you are. I'd just love to put on a show for you. Couldn't we fix it up some way?" Casey looked up and down the street and found it practically empty.

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Casey Ryan
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