Choosing a Vocation

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Choosing a Vocation
Parsons, Frank, 1854-1908
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overbearing, discourteous, Not self-sacrifice, hasty, but sacrifice of intolerant, the lower self to the higher self is the secret.
unreasonable, untrue, silly, Power conceited, Service Love intemperate, Beauty double-faced, Humor Lofty aim.
avaricious, snobbish, History bombastic, Biography dudish, Fiction Poetry dissipated, Oratory Music and Art over-critical, unmannerly, Work mean, Play despondent, Children Animals dogmatic, Men and despotic, Women rash Nature Science ungenerous, Home, Busin
...ess School, Gov't selfish, Church, Society slow, Theatre, Travel.
disorderly, Service deceitful, in sympathy, love, and devo- destructive, tion.
disobedient, Not aggressive tardy, individualism inefficient, but ennobled cooperative individualism.
cowardly, vacillating, Brotherhood over-confident, and Mutualism, over-aggressive, not conquest and hypocritical, mastery.
self -deceived.
104 CHOOSING A VOCATION MEMORY 1 LAWS AND METHODS OF ITS USE AND CULTIVATION Physical Basis. Physiological retentiveness, gray matter of reasonable con- sistency.

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Choosing a Vocation
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