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It was far easier than she’d imagined it would be. The hardest part had been going from bath to floor to chair, but the handles her father had installed in the downstairs bathroom had helped her manage alone. Yes, she’d been terrified, but the panic attack she’d half been expecting hadn’t materialized. Perhaps because she was doing this herself and had been able to control the level of water in the bath and length of time she’d been in it.
She even allowed herself a small smile at the victory. S
...he’d never need help in the bathroom again. And the grins on her family’s face when she told them, made her want to grin as well.
Her mother looked at her. “To what do we owe this honor?” she teased. “I haven’t had to come in and drag you out of bed yet.”
“I have plans,” she said quietly. The look between her parents and Felicity didn’t go unmissed. “What?”
“Nothing,” Felicity said quickly. “Just nice to see you up and almost happy. Whatever did Matthew say to you yesterday?”

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