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The animals hurried to their stores of food and waited on him.
"I have not slept. " The squirrels scraped fallen leaves into a bed, and the bear and thewolf stood guard.
When he awoke it was a brilliant winter's morning. The sun wascharioteering in highest heaven. The forest was white as thoughcotton-wool had blown through it. As far as eye could search, everythingglittered, sheathed in a film of glass. Snow bulged from branches likepillows filled to bursting. Icicles hung down like fantastic s
...words. Down the colonnaded avenues trees cast their shadows in heavy bars; thespaces between them were golden splashes.
[Illustration: The Man yawned. "I am still tired. Fetch the horse, thathe may carry me back to my dwelling. "] The Man yawned. "I am still tired. Fetch the horse that he may carry meback to my dwelling. " He ordered the horse to be fetched because he had forgotten where hiscave was. It was clever of him. He did it to keep the animals fromknowing his ignorance.
The horse came galloping up obediently.

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Christmas Outside of Eden
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