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"Orige means it. Mercy on us, Thekla Rose! art thou gone wood?" "Mrs Philippa! Who e'er told you my Lady Enville meant any suchthing?" "The goose told me herself, " said Philippa bluntly, with a short laugh. "'Twas not in a civil fashion, Thekla. She said Arthur was good enoughfor Clare; it recked not whom Clare wedded withal. Marry come up! if Ihad not let mine head govern mine hands, I had fetched her a good crackon the crown with my staff. It could ne'er have hurt her brain--she hasnone. Wha...t were such women born for, do all the saints wit?--without itwere to learn other folk patience. " Thekla Tremayne was a woman, and a mother. She would have been morethan human if she had not felt hurt for this insult to her boy. WasClare, or anything else in the world, too good for her one darling?
"Come, --swallow it, Thekla, and have done, " said Philippa. "And by wayof a morsel of sugar at after the wormwood, I will tell thee I do notthink Clare hates him. I studied her face. " "Mistress Philippa, you read faces so rarely, I would you could readLucrece Enville.

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Clare Avery
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