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Yet I shall hope to prove to you, in a de- scription of the new mechanism and of the results of treatment in its use in a large number of cases which we shall show you here in the clinic, that with it the desired results, above enumerated, may be obtained with much less expendi- ture of time and with less inconvenience to yourselves and your patients than in the use of the ribbon arch mechanism or any other mechanism alone. This because of the greater efficiency of the new mech- anism, due to t...he more free and direct expenditure of force and, especially, to the more perfect control of force it af- fords and its consequent greater con- formability to the physiological require- ments of the tissues involved in tooth movement.
Most of the clinic patients will be here today so that you may critically inspect the results attained in their treatments by means of this mechanism exclusively.
Additional evidence as to the value of the mechanism will also be offered later by others of our members who are using it extensively in their private practices.

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