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Colonel Chabert

Cover Colonel Chabert
Colonel Chabert
Balzac, Honoré De, 1799-1850
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The floor was simplythe trodden earth. The walls, sweating salt-petre, green with mould, and full of cracks, were so excessively damp that on the side wherethe Colonel's bed was a reed mat had been nailed. The famous box-coathung on a nail. Two pairs of old boots lay in a corner. There was nota sign of linen. On the worm-eaten table the /Bulletins de la GrandeArmee/, reprinted by Plancher, lay open, and seemed to be theColonel's reading; his countenance was calm and serene in the midst ofthis s...qualor. His visit to Derville seemed to have altered hisfeatures; the lawyer perceived in them traces of a happy feeling, aparticular gleam set there by hope.
"Does the smell of the pipe annoy you?" he said, placing thedilapidated straw-bottomed chair for his lawyer.
"But, Colonel, you are dreadfully uncomfortable here!" The speech was wrung from Derville by the distrust natural to lawyers, and the deplorable experience which they derive early in life from theappalling and obscure tragedies at which they look on.

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