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THE STARS AND STRIPES (Banner March) What is that flag the free acclaim?
The Stars and Stripes of glorious fame !
No nobler emblem floats on earth, Than greeted freedom's holy birth.
To thee, the banner of the free, We pledge anew our loyalty ; To honor, virtue ever true Long wave our loved Red, White and Blue.
All loyal hearts are watching; All loyal hearts beat high; All loyal hearts are throbbing The flag is passing by. Never was there a fairer 'Mid all the flags of earth; The Stars and Stri
...pes forever The flag of freedom's birth.
The English colonies are in this way Americanized by the creation of the United States of America, which becomes the possessor of a domain with natural resources and favorable conditions such as no other land the world over can boast; a domain so vast that it can give asylum to any race or people wishing to avail itself of the opportunity under the Constitu- tion of our land, a law expressive of the wisdom of all the ages, the noblest instrument devised by man for the conduct of a free people on a free soil.

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Columbia Triumphant in Peace
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