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Impossible but true. It would be his last Christmas, but then the last two Christmases had been his last Christmas, as this past Thanksgiving was his last Thanksgiving. Franny didn’t want to leave Kumar and the boys again for the holidays, nor did she want to bring them with her to Santa Monica. It was too depressing. Franny and Caroline also considered the question of their mother who had been increasingly neglected in every year it was taking their father to die.
“Dad’s not the only one to wor
...ry about,” Caroline said, thinking of their mother’s husband. Their mother confided in Caroline now, maybe more than she did in Franny. This was the pleasure of a long life: the way some things worked themselves out. Caroline and her mother had become very close.
“I’m flipping a coin,” Caroline said over the phone. “You’re just going to have to trust me.”
“I trust you,” Franny said. There was no one she trusted more than Caroline.
“Heads you go to Dad’s for Christmas, tails I go to Dad’s.”

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