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I am making her a fragrant posy at this moment, and I would try my skill at a belt of straw and ivy -buds if I thought it would be as useful as this Mexican leather one. " " It is perfect, " said Mrs. Jeffrey, coming out of her tent and lending herself easily to the young people's pleasant little illusion. Here is the ' shallow river, to whose falls Melodious Lirds sing madrigals, ' One does not know what poetry is till one lives in camp. " COUNTER-CURRENTS. 95 " If only the wood-dove could be ...comforted, " said Dorothy. " It makes one's heart ache to hear her. " Mrs. Jeffrey smiled benignantly, and patted the heroine's small ring-decked hand. She was get- ting really attached to little Dorothy. Common enjoyment of sun and air, sweet odors, sights, and sounds brings hearts together that under the conditions of the drawing-room might never come near each other. " We are a perfect party, " Mrs. Jeffrey was wont to say in tones of flattering gratulation. " That is one reason we enjoy it all so much.

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