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"A little more, boys, and we'll call it done!" exclaimed the foreman, wiping his grimy, sweaty face on his sleeve. It did not greatly improvehis countenance, however.
Dave and the others lengthened the line of back-fire, and then, seeingthat they had burned a strip sufficiently wide to make it comparativelycertain that the oncoming fire would not leap over it, they turned back tohelp plow the furrows, or to keep the cattle in order and from stampeding.
Leaping on their snorting ponies the cowbo
...ys rode back, leaving behindthem two fires where before there had been but one. But soon the two wouldmerge into one, leaving a broad, blackened barren strip, that contained nofuel for the flames.
"It's lucky we struck that swale where the wind blew in the otherdirection, " Dave remarked.
"Mighty lucky, " assented Pocus Pete.
Of course where a strong wind is blowing a prairie fire toward one, another method of escape can be taken. If there is time a fire can bestarted where one is standing. The wind will carry it in the samedirection as that in which the main blaze is advancing, but ahead of it.

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Cowboy Dave
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