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Early that winter I was one of 150 Rangers who marched with CaptainRogers against the Enemy at Carrillion. The snow was not deep atstarting but it continued to snow until it was heavy footing and many ofthe men gave out and returned to Fort Edward, but notwithstanding myexhaustion I continued on for six days until we were come to within sixhundred yards of Carrillion Fort. The captain had made us a speech inwhich he told us the points where we were to rendevoux if we wer
...e brokein the fight, for further resistence until night came on, when we couldtake ourselvs off as best we might. I was with the advance guard. We layin ambush in some fallen timber quite close to a road, from which wecould see the smoke from the chimneys of the Fort and the Gentrieswalking their beats. A French soldier was seen to come from the Fort andthe word was passed to let him go bye us, as he came down the road. Welay perfectly still not daring to breathe, and though he saw nothing hestopped once and seemed undecided as to going on, but suspecting nothinghe continued and was captured by our people below, for prisoners werewanted at Headquarters to give information of the French forces andintentions.

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Crooked Trails
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