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While Mr Charleston may have been a hero, his country was not. He saved a girl from a bomb, while you, and those in your political party, pushed her and her family into danger.”
By the time that Heart had stopped speaking the laboratory was already in chaos as the scientists were scrambling to try and get control of Body. If I was human I would’ve been just as furious. Safety and I had started an immediate side-conversation discussing damage control. If I could’ve killed Heart right then I woul
...d’ve, and I felt the searing gaze of Advocate searching through my mind again and again, waiting for enough to warrant punishing me. Heart, in three-fourths of a minute, had basically made an enemy out of the most powerful organisation on Earth as well as angered a good portion of Africa. And for what? To talk about the value of peace? Did Heart know how /few/ humans would appreciate her words?
But I was not human. I was not angry. I was simply upset. Anger, in humans, triggers a state of increased aggression and loss of cognitive abilities.

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Crystal Society
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Guest 2 years ago

This author has doubtless done an impressive amount of research into many fields, which has given him the insight to be able to paint such a believable world. The story creeps along ever-so-slowly at first, but then things really get going. There are, however, several pages toward the end that to seemed like an utter waste. They were concerned with some sort of inevitable interplay of good and evil, and were written entirely in metaphor, which I found completely impenetrable and very tiresome. The style was much different from the rest of the book, and made me feel that I had been thrown an uncatchable curve. The story then continued in its normal manner.

iamamog 4 years ago

this book was awesome.

Guest 5 years ago

It’s a great when I got caught reading my teacher gave me a gift bag

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