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Hayden and Brogan arrived back at headquarters to view Officer Holcombe’s dashcam as well as the security footage videos that had been forwarded to Hayden’s computer. The uniforms had tracked down three cameras that had captured a dark truck driving in the direction of Comal Pocket Park and Macy Crow’s crash site.
    Hayden shrugged off his jacket and brewed a fresh pot of coffee.
    He handed Brogan a cup, and the two sat in front of the computer screen. The first block of dashcam footage sho the path of Holcombe’s vehicle charging forward, lights flashing on the buildings of East Austin as her headlights caught the park’s west side seconds before she came to an abrupt stop. The audio recorded the squeal of her tires as the visual captured Sammy Kent screaming by Agent Crow’s contorted body lying on the ground.
    Officer Holcombe sounded breathless, amped, the slight edge of panic contained when she called in the incident, requesting backup and an ambulance, and then offered a description of the situation.

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Cut And Run
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User Reviews:

Guest 3 years ago

I didn't read it yet but I was in when as soon as I read they were in each others pants.

Guest 3 years ago

Umm yes, I love this it is a real page turner I lve this book are there any little boys reading this?

Guest 4 years ago

Like this book very much - keeps your attention and you wonder what will happen next. I love mysteries and this one is a real mystery. I am not to the end of it yet but I am anxious to find out what will happen. It is a real page turner

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