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Dark Reunion

Cover Dark Reunion
The book Dark Reunion was written by author Here you can read free online of Dark Reunion book, rate and share your impressions in comments. If you don't know what to write, just answer the question: Why is Dark Reunion a good or bad book?
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Matt said, staring at the empty doorway through which Stefan had disappeared.
“No, he hasn’t,” said Meredith. Her voice was rueful and quiet, but there was a kind of helpless laugh in it too. “Don’t you see what he’s doing, Matt?” she said when he turned to her. “Yelling at us, making us hate him to try and chase us away. Being as nasty as possible so we’ll stay mad and let him do this alone.” She glanced at the doorway and raised her eyebrows. “‘Anyone who does follow me, I’ll kill’ was going a
... bit overboard, though.”
Bonnie giggled suddenly, wildly, in spite of herself. “I think he borrowed it from Damon. ‘Get this straight, I don’t need any of you!’”
“‘You bunch of stupid humans,’” Matt added. “But I still don’t understand. You just had a premonition, Bonnie, and Stefan doesn’t usually discount those. If there’s no way to fight and win, what’s the point of going?”
“Bonnie didn’t say there was no way to fight and win. She said there was no way to fight and survive.

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User Reviews:

Guest 2 years ago

Bonnie is such a better choice to get a narrative from i love her and Damon, they belong together, night crow and redbird <3

Guest 3 years ago

The book is not that good compared to the seriesof episodes on netflix. Lol and ppl learn ur spellings beforeu read this book. Lmao ♡♡♡

Guest 4 years ago

I think the plot of the tv series significantly grabs the attention of a person compared to the books

Guest 4 years ago

My book is glitched

Guest 4 years ago

Yes book comeing your four comeingsoon the comeing so be lonering comeing be in

Guest 4 years ago

learn spellings first before you read any book smh

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