De Orbe Novo, volume 1 (Of 2)

Cover De Orbe Novo, volume 1 (Of 2)
De Orbe Novo, volume 1 (Of 2)
Macnutt, Francis Augustus, 1863-1927
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After having advised the cacique to henceforth plant morecotton along the river banks, in order that he might more easily paythe tribute imposed on each household, the Adelantado left on thethird day for Isabella to visit the invalids, and to see the ships inconstruction. About three hundred of his men had fallen victims todivers maladies, and he was therefore much concerned and hardly knewwhat course to adopt, for everything was lacking, not only for caringfor the sick, but also for the necess...ities of life; since no ship hadarrived from Spain to put an end to his uncertainty, he orderedthe invalids to be distributed in the several blockhouses built indifferent provinces. These citadels, existing in a straight line fromIsabella to Santo Domingo, that is to say, from north to south, were as follows: thirty-six miles from Isabella stood Esperanza;twenty-four miles beyond Esperanza came Santa Caterina; twenty milesbeyond Santa Caterina, Santiago. Twenty miles beyond Santiago had beenconstructed a fortification stronger than any of the others; for itstood at the foot of the mountains of Cibao, in a broad and fertileplain which was well peopled.

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De Orbe Novo, volume 1 (Of 2)
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