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As constituted by any limited period of time, it is not known to morals. As famiharized to us, it is purely a conventional principle, volun- tarily adopted by a settled community in a spirit of compromise, that the quiet of society may not be disturbed by endless litigations, and the pos- session of property unsettled by continued and violent changes. Men only agree by that rule how far they will investigate their absolute rights, and what limitations they will put to the reme- dial power of th...eir laws. In this, therefore, the leoal sense of the term, it cannot subsist in the absence of express enactment, nor without the voluntary concurrence of those to be bound by it. Our codes of morals know no statutes of limitations.
Even if the rule of prescription were appli cable in its utmost latitude, ten thousand years of usurpation would not establish, in the eye of 116 MONARCHICAL GOVERNMENT.
morals, the justice of an existing government, as no length of time can win from morals a sanc- tion for what has undeniably taken its origin in force.

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