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This is where the layman most fre- quently errs; his planting is a system of color ex- clamations.
Accents should never appear in filler shrubs, since these are always a unifying element and should not be disturbed; the accent must appear either in the background or in the facer. Where trees to be seen from a distance require accent, it should always be given by a shrub facing. Even though the accent colors differ widely from the rest of the color scheme, it will be of advantage if the dominati color note appears in them to a slight extent. This will insure their perfect amalgamation.
If a planting scheme is on a large scale and di- vided into distinctly separate parts, it will often be well to allow the accent color in one scheme to predominate in another: it will be a sufficiently 104 LANDSCAPE GAKDENING different use of color to convey an entirely differ- ent impression, and yet it will not necessitate dragging in still other colors, and working out ad- ditional schemes of harmonization.

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